Are you experiencing discomfort, tension, & pain?

Are you searching for recovery & rehabilitation?

Are Aches & Pains INTERRUPTING daily living?

What if I told you there's another way!

 You can feel Good in your body!

connectedaligned, & ENERGized!

You can experience balance & PEACE! 

You can find your authentic way to heal!



You can break free from pain and start living your life with peace and ease!

Imagine having more energy, balance, and awareness. When you move away from discomfort and detached to embodied and ease you will deeply know your body and what it needs, be freed from pain and frustration, and step into confidence and peace. 

This program transforms the way you feel in your body & about your body. 


Here's what you'll get:

  • enhance your body awareness.

  • improve health & well-being.

  • Experience alignment, relief, & peace both physically & ENERGETICALLY.

  • increase stamina, strength, & mobility.

  • receive clarity & confidence.  


From Pain to Peace Program Includes:

  1. 3-months of weekly support & treatments

  2. 60-minute structural yoga Therapy Sessions

  3. 90-minute bodywork sessions

**BONUS! Receive two Emotional healing sessions (havening & yoga nidra)


If you're feeling excited about shifting pain into peace,

 I welcome you to connect with me!

Schedule your COMPLIMENTARY 30-minute From Pain to Peace Phone Consultation.


Why work with Rachel?

Rachel is committed to her clients' health and well-being. Her work helps her clients to foster a conscious and healthy relationship with their bodies. Rachel is an extremely mindful practitioner who genuinely cares. She is a highly skilled holistic healer.