The goal of Somatic Healing

is to free you from the stress and pain that is preventing you from fully participating in your life.

Somatic Healing is a body-centered therapy that treats both mind and body. Somatic therapies are also called psychosensory therapies. These therapies use mind-body exercises to help release tension and stress that is negatively affecting physical and emotional well-being.

The stress of past emotional and traumatic events disrupts the central nervous system and can cause alterations in posture and breath patterns often involving the stress-strain cycle resulting in physical pain. Somatic therapies help us develop an awareness of mind-body connection and teach specific techniques that can help release tension, anger, frustration and other disturbing emotions that are felt in the body.

The goal of somatic healing is to free you from the stress and pain that is preventing you from fully participating in your life. At Health Space LA we offer two different somatic therapy methods, Havening and Yoga Nidra.


1. Havening Techniques® - Active Somatic Treatment


Havening Techniques® comprise of healing methods and protocols designed to assist individuals to overcome problems, consequence of traumatic and stressful encoding. Havening Touch® is one of the therapeutic tools used in a Havening session that can be applied by yourself or the practitioner. The Havening Techniques have three distinct applications, 1. emotional disturbances and encoded psychological trauma, 2. wellness, stress management, and peak performance, and 3. a self-help tool. The Havening Techniques can be used both by health care professionals and non-licensed practitioners, for example, alternative healing arts practitioners or life coaches that have been trained and certified in the Havening Techniques.


2. Yoga Nidra - Passive Somatic Treatment

Yoga Nidra or yogic sleep teaches you how dive deep into your inner world connecting to your mind and body. You will learn techniques to help you drop into the parasympathetic nervous system training your mind to disengage the fight or flight response. In this state of relaxation you may address any issues or stress in your daily life. You can learn this passive meditation practice to support your emotional wellness transforming pain to peace and tension to relaxation.