Rachel is a gifted, intuitive, knowledgeable, gentle teacher of yoga for healing, strength, mindfulness, and balance. I highly recommend her offerings—after only a couple of sessions, I’ve already learned so much I can incorporate into my daily life and routine to be able to decrease pain and increase awareness. Plus, muscles that rarely get worked are getting stronger.
— Danielle D.

I love massages, and Rachel Skinner is by far the best massage therapist I’ve ever had.

I suffer from chronic leg tightness, and had been recommended to Rachel by a chiropractor. In my first session with her, I was blown away by her approach. I’d had Thai massage before, but this is in a category unto itself.

Rachel listens intently, is responsive to and intuitive about your body, and her touch is somehow tender, targeted, and powerful. This is not merely a comfort massage; it’s as if she’s addressing parts of your inner body you didn’t even know were in need.

In the week that followed my initial massage, I experienced a relief from my pain like I hadn’t felt in years. I felt looser and happier in my legs, overall better circulation in my body, and more carefree.

I’ve now been working with Rachel for over a year. She has — not only through massage, but also coaching on things like posture and stretching — reduced my pain from a 6 to a 3. I would even go so far as to say she is repairing my nervous system.

I am profoundly grateful to have found Rachel and to be the beneficiary of her services. I can’t recommend her highly enough.
— Sam R.

I’ve had all kinds of bodywork over the years and Rachel is amazing! Deep structural work of lighter energetic work—she’s seriously great and she really is passionate about helping people heal.
— Gina B.

Rachel is an extremely talented massage therapist. She creates a safe and inviting atmosphere. I always leave feeling more grounded and connected to my body than I did coming in. Thank you for yet another incredible massage, Rachel
— Sarah C.

I have been to quite a few massage therapists (Shiatsu, sports, Swedish, Thai). I am thoroughly impressed by the attention that Rachel Skinner lends to her practice as a massage therapist. Rachel is an extremely mindful practitioner. I have visited her on several occasions.

She provides a safe and welcoming environment. She uses Thai massage in a more precise and attentive way than I have had before. She listens to the unspoken messages the body is communicating. Her technique is relaxing, but firm as needed. I found her Tok Sen and Herbal Compress treatments to be great for easing muscle tension. I highly recommend her as dexterous and competent, thoughtful and trustworthy.
— Jason S.

I appreciate your passion for and your connection to your craft. You’re intuition regarding the work required is spot on. You’re a gem!!
— Kieth C.

Rachel is amazing. She listens to your concerns and has various techniques to alleviate your pain. She is a caring and calming presence. I highly recommend her.
— Beth A.