Do you feel like everyday is a struggle?

Does your body feel tired and weak?

Do you feel overwhelmed and checked out?

Support is HERE!

You can restore your strength!

You can be free of negative body image!

You can love & support your body in the healing process!

You can feel empowered through rehabilitation!  



Post-Natal phase can be increasingly difficult without a rehabilitation plan. You may feel rushed to recover and adjust to the changes in your life. You may feel overwhelmed and stressed-out.

You can be fearless and realize your own recovery. 

Imagine embracing life with relaxation and awareness. Imagine being fully aligned with your body as it recovers. Imagine feeling gratitude for your body during the whole recovery process and beyond.  


Here's what you'll get:

  • A healthy body image and nurturing relationship.

  • Confidence in your very own rehabilitation process

  • Build a lasting support system

  • Feel connected and empowered through self-care


 Postpartum Care Program Includes:

  1. 3-months of support & treatments

  2. 60-minute post-natal massage treatments with Belly Binding

  3. 60-minute Private Restorative Yoga Sessions

**BONUS! Emotional Healing Session (Havening or Yoga Nidra) & exclusive invite to monthly moon sister soirées!

If you are saying YES to a therapeutic recovery,

I invite you to connect with me!

Schedule your COMPLIMENTARY 30-minute Postpartum Recovery Phone Consultation.

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Why work with Rachel?

Rachel is committed to her clients' health and well-being. Her work helps her clients to foster a conscious and healthy relationship with their bodies. Rachel is an extremely mindful practitioner who genuinely cares. She is a highly skilled holistic healer.