Back from Thailand

I wanted to let you know my trip to Thailand went very well and wanted to share some highlights. Even though I was touring the country consuming many plates of pad thai and visiting many Buddhist temples my intention was to study with midwives and doctors to learn about prenatal and postpartum care and traditional medicine treatments.


While there were many lessons on massaging pregnant women’s bellies and backs, hips and legs, I was mostly interested in postpartum care. I am concerned for the health of women in the U.S. because of the severe lack of rehabilitation in the postpartum phase. It seems to me that this lack of attention may be a major contributor to chronic illness and structural alignment among women in later years. This became one of my main points of research. I was overwhelmed with the practical approach and the many solutions the midwives shared and I’ll share with you one approach that can be apply not only to postpartum women but also to people with pelvic alignment and low back issues.


This technique is called belly binding and it is done with about six yards of cotton fabric wrapped around the body several times. Women traditionally wear it in Thailand for 30 days following after giving birth. While studying with Nuat, a midwife in the north Thailand, she brought her self-woven wrap to show us, to demonstrate and to practice. After testing it out for myself I experienced a comforting support for my pelvis, low back and organs, I didn’t want to take it off.  

My trip to Thailand was an unforgettable experience. I am excited to advance my prenatal and postpartum tools basket and to share this technique and more with clients. Please contact me with any questions or to learn more about belly binding.