The EMF Experiment

Have you heard about EMF pollution? I thought EMF waves were harmful micro radiation that microwaves admit but I learned that all wifi and wireless technology transmit EMF waves too. I feel concerned because our environment has become flooded with wifi routers, wireless technologies, wireless smart readers, and cellphone towers. It's not a matter of choosing to have a microwave in your home anymore.   

Our bodies are a sophisticated electromagnetic system. Our cardiovascular system and nervous system are electric. Our electromagnetic fields are much weaker in comparison to wireless technology EMF waves. EMF’s interfere with our biology increasing inflammation and placing more stress on our brain, heart, and mitochondria.

I have been experiencing ringing in my ears, I would sleep but wake up feeling like I didn’t, I also realized I would experience fatigue and mild headaches. I normalized these symptoms thinking they came with aging, living in a big city with noise/light pollution, or blame it on my diet or exercise. But I learned these are common symptoms of EMF wave exposure. I decided to do a little experiment. I focused on my bedroom by deeming it  a cell phone free zone and bought an alarm clock. I also bought indoor plants and replaced my cellphone on my night stand with a selenite crystal and lastly I started turning off the wifi router at night. I am sleeping better than ever and continue to do so with these simple changes and additions! The difference astonishes me, I can hardly believe it.

I share this experience with clients because I see many people who suffer from nervous system disorders, inflammatory conditions, lack of quality sleep, and increase sensitivity and I invite you to do an experiment too. I suggest you put your phone on airplane mode when it’s on you and keep it away from your head, chest, and groin. I also suggest turning off your wifi router at night. For more ideas check out If you choose to experiment I’d love to hear about your experience.