Another Organ!

I had the opportunity of meeting Gil Hedley, anatomist, at one of his lectures called “What the Fuzz?”. His passion and understanding for the human body inspires me to listen to my body and learn to work with it and not against it. I especially enjoyed Gil referring to poetry and metaphor as a way to explain the meaning of the human body. The overall message of his lecture was bodies are amazing! We looked at movement and function and realized how much our bodies do for us. I came away feeling so much love and appreciation for my body, especially for my protective fatty layer.

The highlight of his lecture he shared his discovery of perifascia or what science is calling interstitium. You might have heard it on the news announcing it as a "new organ". Perifascia is different from the deep fascia and fatty layer. This new organ is a strong, flexible, collagenous membrane found throughout the whole body. It contains lymph fluid, collegian and proteins and acts as a network of fluid filled spaces just below the fatty layer of the body.

Identifying this organ helps scientists and researchers understand how pathologies spread in the body, increasing importance of hydration, and new dangers to procedures like liposuction and other aggressive ways to rid our bodies of fat. Gil Hedley’s lecture addressed our fat/cellulite hating culture as very problematic for this organ. From what I have been learning about perifascia places more value on my work as a massage therapist and yoga instructor.

Access Gil Hedley’s dissection here, his lecture on cellulite here, and his lecture on the human body here.