Thai Bodywork Sessions are tailored to your needs utilizing a variety of techniques. You may be positioned laying on your back (supine), side-line, laying on your stomach (prone), or seated. Positions depend on your comfort needs and pillows and blankets are provided for additional comfort. Schedule full-body sessions for 90-minutes or 2-hours, or a spot specific session for 60-minutes. The work is deeply therapeutic and performed on a soft mat on the floor clothed - please wear comfortable clothes you can move in (gym/yoga wear).


Deep Tissue Massage

Thai massage traditionally works through the layers of the body making deep tissue experience easy and safe for both client and the therapist. Therapists often use their hands, forearms, elbows, knees and feet for compression. Compression in Thai massage is unlike any other pressure you'll experience in other modalities because of the even weight distribution and leverage the therapist has by working on the floor.   

Passive Stretching

Myofascial release is very common in Thai massage. Fascia is the connective tissue found throughout the body. Through passive stretching, pin and stretch techniques, and myofascial release melts bound fascia into relaxation. Working on the mat provides added benefit and a stable foundation for all the limbs to receive gentle traction and range of motion freeing up joints and relieving tightness.   



Tok Sen

Tok Sen is a healing arts modality from Northern Thailand. It is part of Lanna Medicine that likely comes from the Shan people. With a wooden peg and hammer the practitioner taps specific channels on the body to relax muscles. The rhythmic style of Tok Sen calms the mind and increases mobility and circulation.  

Hot Herbal Compresses

A typical Thai herbal compress usually includes ginger, cinnamon, turmeric, rock salt, kaffir lime leaf and peel, cassumar ginger, and camphor. These herbs have beneficial properties that help draw out toxins, help with bruising, blood circulation and muscle soreness/tension. The heat and steam easily travel through layers of cloth to the skin and then onto other layers of the body. 

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Abdominal Massage

Thai abdominal massage includes herbal compresses, applying pressure on certain points to stimulate organs. It is generally beneficial for slow digestion, constipation, menstrual cramps, low back pain, and removal of toxins. Abdominal massage is beneficial to general health and wellness. 

Cupping and Scraping

These therapies are used to release tension in tissue increasing blood and lymph flow, as well as, pulling out toxins. Pain is frequently caused by sluggish body fluids or accumulated toxins. Cupping and scraping therapies are used to relieve pain and tension, and to fend off a beginning of a cold.    



Intraoral Massage

Intraoral massage works on internal and external muscles around the mouth, neck, and throat. This form of therapy helps relieve tension headaches. By massaging inside the mouth the jaw muscles are released which reduces the stress on the temporomandibular joints. Useful in treatment of TMJD.


Homemade Balms and Liniments

Herbalism plays a big role in traditional Thai medicine. Rachel makes homemade Thai herbal balms and liniments and uses them in session to help relieve muscle tension and pain. 





Thai Prenatal and Postpartum Massage

Thai prenatal massage is done entirely with warm floral compresses and oil with gentle spot-specific care. The passive stretching and traction is omitted from the treatment because of the relaxin hormone that causes ligaments and tendons to loosen. The massage is primarily performed with the patient laying on her side and seated with pillows to help prop up the torso for comfort. 

Thai postpartum massage can be given 30 days after the birth depending. It is like prenatal massage mostly performed in side-line and seated. This is a nurturing and nourishing massage with focus on retracting the uterus with rock salt compresses and oil. Part of the postpartum session belly binding is taught to use at home for continued support for low back and organs.  

Please consult with your doctor before booking a session.